"Poisoned Relations," by Georges Simenon

The novel begins with a young girl Genvieve praying to the Virgin Mary in a church. The Author then follows her home, and sees her drawn back into the tangles of lies and hate and of secrecy that has been poisoning her family for many years. With terrible insight and emotional writing, Georges Simeon draws out the foulness of lives lived with the poison of hate. 

As I was reading this slim volume it occurred to me that it was a fit of madness. I began by disliking the main character and despising her weakness over what appeared to be nothing. When I was introduced to her family I began to pity her, and her decisions towards the end, tho a twist of logic, were strangely poignant. The emotions in this book are stifling; tightening 'round you as you read and thinning the air. It was a quick read and when I had finished I closed it and shrugged off the whole as though shaking myself awake from a bad dream. I can't recommend it as a light read, or a happy one but if you are sitting somewhere and wish to read about a spiral down with little redemption....

It was my first novel by Georges Simeon and I confess I am interested in picking up more of his titles; they have a deepening, and thrall like way of drawing me in against my will that speaks of a masterly hand.